Cylinder Head Skimming & Resurfacing

One of the last processes in having a cylinder head reconditioned is to resurface the cylinder head. Modern day cylinder head gaskets require the very best of finishes to achieve a perfect seal as some gaskets are made of a single layer material with the thickness of a piece of writing paper.  At Motorcast this is carried out using one of our three resurfacing machines, each of these machines has been set-up to achieve the very best results possible for different types of cylinder head.

Skimming depends on what type of material the cylinder head is made of that is, aluminium, aluminium with steel pre-combustion chambers, or cast iron.

When resurfacing is carried out by our engineers it will firstly be placed onto the appropriate machine as aluminium heads are fly cut and cast iron heads are ground to achieve a finished result. Next stage is to level the cylinder head on the machine and clamped it down, levelling is rechecked and adjusted if needed until the cylinder head is perfectly aligned, only at this point will skimming start. Motorcast will only remove the smallest amount of material necessary to achieve a perfect finish to the head.

When resurfacing the head is complete it will be removed from the machine and washed in our high pressure washing machine to remove all swarf/grinding material. On removal from the washer it is dried and all waterways have compressed air blasted through them just to make sure no particles are left inside them.

When our engineers are satisfied with the result of the skim, the rest of the components are refitted to the cylinder head along with further checks at each stage of the rebuilding process to make sure you receive a first class repair from Motorcast.