Cylinder Head Pressure Testing

Here at Motorcast we pride ourselves on our cylinder head pressure testing procedure. Firstly we strip down the cylinder head, the reasons for this are that some components could be obscuring the view for the engineer.  Things like injectors, spark plugs camshafts etc could all be hiding a potential problem. Secondly the head is cleaned using our degreasing tank and then transferred to the high pressure washing machine.

Next, all waterways are sealed off using heavy duty steel and rubber gaskets which are bolted onto the gasket face of the cylinder head and also any waterways on the sides of the head are sealed in the same way.

The cylinder head is now ready for pressure testing. Final stage is to transfer the cylinder head into our 70 degree temperature water tank and connect a pressure controlled air-line to it, where it is then completely submerged in hot water, by adding air gradually this will start to pressurise the internal parts of the head.  Any cracks or holes will be highlighted by the pressure of the air leaking and in turn creating bubbles in the water, problems will then be marked for later inspection.

When removed from the tank and all metal fixings have been unbolted from the cylinder head, a full assessment will be made as to what level of repair needs to carried out. Cracked or warped cylinder heads can very often be repaired or straightened by our highly skilled team of engineers and is done so on a daily basis here at Motorcast. When all tests are finished and all findings are entered onto your job card an engineer will call you to discuss all options of the repair to your cylinder head and give a fixed price for this repair. Only after speaking to you will we move on to the level of repair for you.